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Best Cosmetic Dental veneers in Vizag at Ravi’s Dental Care and Implant centre.

One of the greatest assets of a person is a beautiful smile that builds confidence and self-esteem. Misaligned and misshapen teeth often result in an unattractive smile. Are you worried about such misaligned and misshapen teeth? Gain back your confidence by natural-looking teeth restoration. Ravi’s dental care and implant centre in Vizag is the best dental clinic that offers a unique experience through modern cosmetic dentistry equipment and trustworthy dentists in the field of restorative dentistry, composite fillings, dental laminates and veneers, and teeth reshaping. We offer you affordable service packages at Ravi’s dental care and implant centre in Vizag with rich experience.


What are Dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin tooth-colored shells fixed on the front surface of teeth to improve appearance. They are fabricated with ceramic or composite and cemented permanently to the tooth surface. These veneers are directly made on teeth or indirectly prepared in the lab and fixed to the tooth using cement. When multiple teeth require veneers, an indirect technique is recommended.

Dental veneers

  • Partial Veneers – Covers the localized defects or discolourations on the surface of the tooth.
  • Full Veneers – cover the entire surface of the tooth.

  • Treatment Plan - At the first appointment, X-rays are taken. Relationship of teeth that require veneers with adjacent and opposing teeth examined. Then a treatment plan for the veneer is designed.
  • Tooth Preparation - In the next appointment, 0.5 to 1 mm thick surface enamel is removed with a dental bur. This step removes most of the surface defects on the tooth. Impression of the tooth will be taken.
  • Lab Procedure - In the lab using an impression, tooth models are fabricated, and over which veneers are constructed.
  • Veneer Fixing - In the third appointment, these veneers are fixed to the tooth surface using cement.

Dental veneers are considered in the treatment of :

  • Smile designing
  • Correction of discoloured teeth
  • Correction of misshapen teeth
  • Correction of chipped teeth
  • For hypoplastic teeth

Why choose Ravi’s dental care and implant centre?

  • Highly Experienced Team - We have the best cosmetic dental team at Ravi’s dental care and implant centre, in Vizag. Dr Ravi Kumar has done a master's degree in cosmetic dentistry and has done more than 1500 different dental veneers.
  • We have an excellent portfolio of successful veneer cases with more than a year-long follow-up.
  • We offer the best cosmetic dental treatment at affordable packages.


Ceramic veneers last for 5-10 years

Composite veneers stain after a few years. Bur ceramic veneers do not stain.

No, usually veneer preparation does not cause pain or discomfort.

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