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Dentistry Is Our Profession, But People Are Our Focus.

Patient safety has been one of the inherent and focal points of dental health care concerns. Dr Ravi’s Dental Clinic aims to follow safety protocols and strategies for combatting COVID-19 to safeguard our patients, dental staff, and doctors. We follow strict infection prevention and control etiquettes outlined by dental governing authorities and public health to serve our patients with the safest care possible. We go the extra mile to provide our patients with the finest dental care setting to achieve a safe environment. With your safety being our priority, view below to know more about our enhanced patient safety services.



  • Ravi’s Dental offers the patients with advanced and quality dental treatments by using the upgraded and latest advantage in dental expertise and equipment that are reviewed regularly to keep up with the dynamic setting.
  • At Ravi’s Dental, we have a team to constantly monitor the patient safety process and practices following the infection control standards and to digitize the patient records by creating a standard checklist for increased quality and efficient dental care service.
  • Our expert doctors and staff promise to provide you not only with the safest and top-quality care but also updated treatments with novel standards and practices to enhance professional competence. Our key goal is to provide top-notch dental care at an affordable rate.
  • Our Set of doctors and staff undergo extensive training on clinical practices for controlling infections as per the guidelines of WHO.
  • The team at Ravi’s Dental care protects the smiles of your kids with preventive and comprehensive dental treatments with our positive kid-friendly ambiance to build a health-conscious attitude for kids of all ages.
  • With highly knowledgeable staff and dental setup rooms designed to maximize your comforts, we strive to exceed your dental care expectations with a personalized approach to every patient.
  • With a certification in radiation safety programs, we protect our patients with decreased radiation exposure by using appropriate protective devices.

With the aerosols representing a potential route for disease transmission and dental apparatuses running at a greater speed in the damp environment of the mouth, there are larger chances for germs to be generated through the aerosol. At Ravi’s Dental Clinic, we have hi-tech modern equipment to reduce the aerosol generated during the treatment for purifying the air with high suction strength combined with the fiber-like cotton mesh, fiberglass filter, HEPA (H13) filter, and activated carbon filters for a hygienic environment.

Ravi’s dental care and implant centre is equipped with modern ultra-sonic cleaner to clean and reduce bioburden on dental instruments. Ultrasonic cleaner removes blood, saliva and plaque from instruments surface though sound waves generated from electrical signals. Cavitation effect produces by ultrasonic cleaner removes debris from crevices of dental instruments. This ensures more safety to our patients.

ultraviolet light devices emits r UV radiation in the range of 250-280 nm wavelength. These radiation kills or inactivate bacteria and viruses. UV-C radiation ) backlink - UV Lights and Lamps: Ultraviolet-C Radiation, Disinfection, and Coronavirus | FDA) even kills or inactivate covid -19 virus. Infra-red thermometers- measures body temaprature

Hand washing and sanitization with isopropyl alcohol is found to be more effective way of breaking covid-19 chain. Automatic sanitizer dispenses avoid point of contact and delivers precise amount sanitizer. This prevents the spread of infection in the dental clinics.

Disposable 3-ply masks and N-95 are used during dental treatment. These masks prevent the contact of contaminated aerosols with mucus membranes of nose and mouth, thereby reduce risk infections including covid.

Autoclave is device used to kill bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, and virus from surface of article at high temperature and pressure. Autoclaves are used in dental clinic to sterilize cotton, suture material, all dental instruments, glass slabs, scissors etc. our faculty are trained to follow the necessary sterilization protocol.

Is devices used to spray the disinfectant solution to disinfect the air bone contaminants. Used to disinfect large and non-accessible area in the clinic.

Is the device used to measures the oxygen saturation in body by non-invasive method. Index or middle finger is placed in oximeter device and kept stable and SPO2 levels are displayed on monitor after one minute.

Specialized clothing used to protect the doctors and patient from infectious disease. PPE improves self-care in hospital environment.

Special device that fits tightly to face with 2 adjustable head straps and has nose clips. P100 filters are attaches to it. These devices have ability to filter the airborne particles of PM2.5. highly protective equipment for aerosol-based infections.


We make sure that instruments will pass through these 5 steps of sterilization before introducing into oral cavity.



Washing and scrubbing of instruments under running water



Cleaning in ultrasonic cleaner that contains detergent to remove debris from crevices of instruments.



Immersion in container containing 10 % glutaraldehyde for chemical disinfection followed by washing



Packing and sterilizing in front load autoclave system to kill bacterial spores, fungi, and viruses.



Transferring instrument s to UV chamber sterilization



  • We check patient vitals using infra-red thermometers, pulse oximeter, BP machines. we monitor blood glucose levels by instant apparatus in the clinic.
  • Automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers are present in all the clinic. This helps patients sanitize without touching any surfaces.
  • We regularly disinfect all the surface of dental chairs and floors and crevices of clinic with isopropyl alcohol-based disinfection agents.
  • We follow 5 step sterilization protocol to kill the bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi and viruses on instrument surfaces.
  • All heat sensitive instruments and dental materials are sterilized in formaldehyde chamber.
  • We fumigate all areas of clinic with hypochlorite-based FDA approved disinfectant using fogging machine.
  • We provide disposable 90 GSM PPE kits to our patient and dental team to prevent cross contamination in dental setup
  • We sterilize operation chambers with UV light at late night and early mornings.
  • We work in agreement with standard bio medical waste disposable agency to dispose hospital waste as per standard protocols.


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