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Get Gum Treatment from the best Dental clinic in Vizag.

To keep up your ever-glowing smile, Ravi’s Dental offers you advanced gum treatment using the latest technologies from around the world. Ravi’s dental stands out to be the best dental care in Vizag, with highly experienced periodontists in surgical and non-surgical treatments like teeth scaling and flap surgery.


What Are Gum Diseases?

Gum disease also acknowledged as periodontal disease is a severe gum infection that happens to 70% of people in their lifetime. Dental plaque formed on tooth surfaces causes inflammation of gums known as gingivitis. If the disease is not treated at this time, it further progresses to the underlying bone and causes periodontal disease leading to loosening of teeth. People are mostly unaware of this common disease and its consequences.

Types of Gum Disease



This is the earliest stage of gum disease caused due to the formation of plaque. It is characterized by red, swollen gums. The patient can notice bleeding from the gums. The chance of getting back healthy gum is possible at this stage as your bones are not yet damaged.



This is the advanced form of gingivitis. It characterized by deep pocket and food accumulation, loosening of teeth.


Gingival Recession

Seen in the older patient as an apical shift of gingiva (gum) resulting in exposure of roots of teeth.


Acute Necrotizing Gingivitis

Necrosis of gingiva, foul smell, infection. They are commonly seen in immunocompromised patients and HIV.

Gum Diseases

  • Dental caries- a bacterial infection of dental hard tissue.
  • Fractured teeth- due to trauma
  • Attritions- Attrition is physiological wearing due to chewing or bruxism.
  • Abfractions- are micro-fractures of enamel that occur due to abnormal forces on the tooth.
  • Abrasion- due to abnormal brushing habits, ditch-shaped defect in enamel, and dentin.
  • Diastema closure- gaps between teeth

  • Restore lost tooth structure.
  • Prevent progression of dental caries.
  • Restore aesthetics and confidence.
  • Provide strength to the teeth.
  • Restore normal function and speech.

If the dental filling is not done for a decayed tooth at the correct time, the infection progresses from enamel to dentin. If caries are confined to dentin, pulpal inflammation is reversible. Further delay in treatment causes microbes and their products to reach the pulp and results in irreversible pulpitis. At this stage, the tooth would require expensive and extensive root canal treatment.

  • Like every other dental treatment, the first step is to check the extent and severity of the condition, as dental filling treatment is appropriate only for minor decays and cracks. The X-ray would be done if required.
  • Local anesthesia may be administered to minimize the discomfort during cavity preparation.
  • The decayed portion of the tooth is removed by using dental burs and the appropriate cavity is designed to retain the restoration in the cavity.
  • If needed, a laser can be used to remove the damaged part.
  • In the case of a deep cavity, application of pulp protection agents may be required, after which the area is filled with a dental filling.
  • The type of material used for filling varies according to the clinical scenario and keeping in mind the patient’s requirements.

  • Avoid chewing hard food on the restoration site for the next 8 hours after dental filling.
  • Avoid chewing sticky food and chewing gums.
  • Avoid taking hot and cold food for few days.
  • A patient may experience mild sensitivity for the next few days.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene.

Reasons To Choose Ravi’s Dental


No, gum treatments cannot be done at home as it requires dental cleaning to treat and remove the tartar formation, which leads to gum infections. Unprofessional treatments can lead to severe damage to gums. Get professional dental gum treatment at Ravi’s dental.

Yes, gum diseases are treatable, but the duration of healing depends on the severity of the case and the type of treatment you have opted for. It requires a minimum of 10-14 days for healing.


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