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Best Dentures at the Best Dental clinic in Vizag.

Your happy smiles and full functions of teeth can be restored with the best denture that replaces lost teeth. How can I handle Dentures with great care? If this is the constant thought ringing in your mind, then this is the right place for you! Ravi’s Dental care and implant centre provides customized dentures for you and provides you with the best post-denture treatment and care.

We provide you with complete as well as partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all teeth are lost, whereas partial dentures are used when a few teeth remain.


What Are Dentures?

The denture is a removable prosthetic appliance that replaces a missing full or partial set of natural teeth. These dentures take support from oral soft and hard tissues for retention and stability. When teeth are lost due to decay, trauma, or mobility, replacing such missing teeth with dentures improves the appearance and health of patients. Dentures can be complete dentures or partial dentures.

Two types of dentures


Complete Denture

A complete denture also known as the conventional denture, is placed after removing complete teeth. Once the gums are healed, the denture is positioned and can be easily be removed for easy cleaning purposes and also gives your gums some rest during night times and while sleeping.


Partial Denture

A partial denture is a removable denture indicated when only a few teeth are missing in the jaw. They may have an acrylic base or metal framework base to gain support from adjacent bone and soft tissue.

Denture Insertions

  • The dentist will take the impression of your jaw to fabricate the model and trays.
  • The relationship of jaws and the influence of facial muscle on jaws are recorded with impression material using special trays.
  • Wax models are fabricated from the previous impression.
  • Wax models are checked in the patient mouth for their function, speech, and appearance.
  • Then, the final denture is fabricated from wax models.
  • A final set of dentures is fixed, and an inspection of the fitting is done to check if any adjustment is required.

It is essential to take care of your denture as it is artificial and removable. To have a long life span, you need to follow a few safety tips into consideration.

  • Rinse Dentures After Eating
    Put the dentures under tap water to remove food debris and other loose particles.
  • Keep your Denture Clean and Hygienic.
    Ensure proper hygiene of your denture by cleaning it using a non-abrasive brush at least once a day as plaque can build up, causing an infection on your existing teeth & gums.
  • Soak your Denture Overnight
    Dentures need to be kept damp while removing it as it may lose its shape while being outside due to drying out. Make sure to avoid hot water and chlorine while keeping it moist.
  • Rinse Dentures
    Before putting the denture back into your mouth, make sure to rinse it well, especially if it is soaked in the solution given by your dentist.
  • Monitor Your Denture
    Please keep a look at your denture to make sure it is not slipping off or loosened as it can cause infection. Do not try to fix it on your own for any cause.
  • Do not use hands/toothpicks on the denture.

Why Choose Us for the Best Dentures?


No worries, dentures do not hurt at all. Like other dental treatments, you might feel a little discomfort initially, but the uneasiness will fade off soon.

Dentures are used to create a natural look that closely resembles your existing teeth. It can improve your facial appearance by restoring the lost contour.


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