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Get the Best Smile Designing service in Vizag

The restoration of a smile is one of the most appreciating and gratifying dental services that improves self-confidence, personality, and self-esteem. The best smile designing team at Ravi’s dental care and implant center is greatly confident to gift you a beautiful smile on your face, improving your social life. Our cosmetic dental team consists of restorative dentists, and prosthodontists proved as the best in Visakhapatnam city.

We design a wonderful smile for you that you can confidently flaunt on special occasions in your life like marriages, birthdays, celebrations, etc.

Smile designing in vizag

What is Smile Designing?

Smile designing, alter term for cosmetic dentistry is an artistic dental procedure that creates the beautiful, flattering smile of a person’s dreams. This procedure requires assessment of shape, form, symmetry, and alignment of teeth. Smile designing is a customized procedure for each and varies according to the person’s unique needs and facial profile. Smile designing is a combined procedure that may require multiple dental treatments to achieve desirable results.

  • Some patients require one or more Veneers to correct the form of their teeth.
  • Some require full ceramic crowns to restore weak teeth.
  • If missing teeth are present, then Dental bridges should be planned to improve the smile.
  • Implants should be considered to replace missing teeth when smile design is planned
  • Sometimes teeth whitening and brightening of natural teeth should be considered to match with adjacent veneers and crowns.
  • If the gum line is over-exposed during the smile, it should be corrected by surgery and laser.
  • A beautiful smile is possible only when restoring teeth with the ideal height to width ratio followed.
  • If any metal fillings are already present, they should be replaced with cosmetic fillings.
  • Few persons may require depigmentation of gums by laser.

Tooth jewellery

This is the modern oral fashion used to enhance smile aesthetics in which a jewel accessory is positioned on the front part of the teeth and is temporary. This can be removed by a dentist without harming the tooth. This does not cause any side effects on the tissues of the mouth.

smile designing

Why Smile Designing at Ravi’s Dental Care?

Ravi’s dental intends to give you a more youthful and confident smile by yielding the immediately visible change in the following ways:

  • We have an experienced cosmetic dental team to design your beautiful smile.
  • We customize smiles for each patient according to their needs.
  • We assure a minimal number of appointments and make sure to gift you the best smile for your special occasions.
  • We are affordable and reachable to everyone.
  • We collaborate with world-class dental labs to serve you best.
  • We use modern techniques and equipment.


It depends on individual oral health. Usually, it takes 1-3 months to achieve a complete smile design. But in simple cases, we can do it within a week of time.

Yes, the smile designing procedure is permanent and lifelong. Only certain cosmetic fillings might require some timely replacement.

Yes, young children and teenagers are best suited for smile design.

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